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Poems by Willow Noir


Willow Noir

Published on
page 34 of Tarot #6
(June 2023)

In the valley
of the smallest
I will climb
the largest peak
‘til it bursts
with swollen joy

Evidence to the Contrary

Willow Noir

Published on
page 35 of Tarot #6
(June 2023)

I reserve suspicion only for myself.
I hear some irrelevant thing,
then twist it inside out.
My mind gives reason no place to hide.

Caught on the most treacherous thought
I can muster, I exclude all doubt.
With a clasp-hold grip,
I ignore all logical evidence to the contrary.

Caffeine stains my lungs.
My mind morphs.
Inside voices echo as sound bites from the past.

The passage of time ticks.
Cloud’s whisper tops hurl stabbings
of angular light as they encroach the horizon.
I wait for my sins to pass.

Optimism is the ridge on my inner right cheek.
To create space, I gnaw slow,
to I know I exist outside of my mind.

There’s No Place Like Home

Willow Noir

Published on
page 36 of Tarot #6
(June 2023)

Eyelets, twelve black metal sets,
black round laces pull against them.
The top three empty divots,
laces weave a criss-cross system.

Dark purple-pink rough inside hide,
from backstay emerges loop branded.
Multiple bent creases splay wide,
smooth outer surface indent pocked.

Mud ingrained on graduated sole,
tread worn out of sight.
Half insole to counteract roll,
scuffed toe-cap rough and light.

Black thick stitching holds it together,
sunlight reflecting polished leather.