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Tarot is a free-to-access Aotearoa poetry journal, released biannually on 1 June and 1 December.
Click on an issue’s cover to read a flip-book PDF, or use the poet directory to read a poet’s work across editions.

Tarot #8

Download a PDF of Tarot #8 (plaintext poems will roll out soon)

Atareria • Bella Sexton • Cadence Chung • Cindy Zeiher • Dayna Hodge Lynch • Edwin Z. Canary • Elliot Harley McKenzie • Erik Kennedy • Gabriel Baker • Hayden Pyke • Holly Rowsell • Jackie McCullough • Jane Bloomfield • Jason Lingard • Jedidiah Vinzon • Kate Aschoff • Keith Nunes • Lee Jane Taylor • Lesley Wallis • Mark Young • Martyn Brown • Mary Cresswell • Michaella Steel • Poppy Postance • Rawiri Nicholls • Sara Qasem • Tim Jones • Timothy Martin • Trevor M Landers • Tunmise Adebowale • Vaughan Rapatahana

Tarot #7

Download a PDF of Tarot #7 or read the plaintext poems here.

Annabel Wilson • Anuja Mitra • Courtney Speedy • Hebe Kearney • Jackie McCullough • Jane Bloomfield • Jedidiah Vinzon • Jose Thomas • Lauren Gibson • Lee Jane Taylor • Lincoln Jaques • Mark Young • Michaella Steel • Nathaniel Calhoun • Penelope Scarborough • Perena Quinlivan • Rosie Copeland • Ruben Mita • Stephen O’Connor • Susan Glamuzina • Tessa Barker • Theo Coles • Tim Wilson • Timothy Martin • Tony Beyer • Wyeth Chalmers

Tarot #6

Download a PDF of Tarot #6 or read the plaintext poems here.

Amiria Stirling • Conor Doherty • Edwin Z. Canary • Elizabeth Ayrey • Elizabeth Coleman • Elliot Harley McKenzie • Freya Turnbull • Harley Bell • Harvey Molloy • Hellie Hadfield • Iona Winter • Jedidiah Vinzon • Keith Nunes • Lee Jane Taylor • Leyli Salayeva • Lorenz Poeschl • Lynn Jenner • Megan Kitching • Ocean Jade • Poppy Postance • Rhys Pritchard • Robert Rinehart • Robyn Restieaux • Ruben Mita • Tony Beyer • Trevor M Landers • Willow Noir

Tarot #5

Download a PDF of Tarot #5 or read the plaintext poems here.

Amelia Kirkness • Ceridwyn Parr • Conor Doherty • D.C. Nobes • Erica Hoskin • Erin Ramsay • Hannah Ogle • Hebe Kearney • Hollie Taylor • Jackson McCarthy • Joanne Tasker • Joel Schueler • Kathryn Marr • Lee Jane Taylor • Lorraine Gibson • Marie C Lecrivain • Mark Young • Mary Cresswell • Padmaja Battani • Rebecca Jane Hare • Sarah Lamar • Tim Jones • Tony Beyer • Trevor M Landers • Vyacheslav Konoval

Tarot #4

Download a PDF of Tarot #4 or read the plaintext poems here.

Alexandra Fraser • Amanda Joshua • Anna McKay • Christopher Palmer • Conor Doherty • Denise J O’Hagan • Erin J Doyle • Erin Ramsay • Gail Ingram • Gerard Sarnat • Grace Shelley • Hayden Hyams • Hebe Kearney • Ian C Smith • Jackson McCarthy • Miriama Gemmell • Molly Crighton • Robyn Restieaux • Sevgi Ikinci • Tony Beyer • Trevor M Landers • Trish Veltman

Tarot #3

Download a PDF of Tarot #3 or read the plaintext poems here.

Brian Graystone • Carrie Briffett • Colin James • Denise T O’Hagan • Ella Quarmby • Edna Heled • Ian C Smith • Ila Selwyn • Joanne Tasker • Keith Nunes • Lilly Warren • Lincoln Jaques • Madeleine Lifsey • Molly Crighton • Nerida Woods • Olivia Warrick • Rebecca Meaney • Rhys Feeney • Tony Beyer • Trevor M Landers

Tarot #2

Download a PDF of Tarot #2 or read the plaintext poems here.

David Gough • Edna Heled • Emma Carter • Erin Ramsay • Gregory Dally • Hebe Kearney • Jack Page • Joel LeBlanc • John Ewen • Kathryn Marr • Ken W Simpson • Les Wicks • Michael Gould • Michael Hall • Ria Masae • Rosina Baxter • Sarain Frank Soonias • Sevgi Ikinci • Srishti Moudgil • Tony Beyer • Trish Veltman • Vaughan Rapatahana • Yael Klangvisan • Yvonne Wang

Tarot #1

Download a PDF of Tarot #1 or read the plaintext poems here.

Andrea Malcolm • Ariana Sutton • Brian Graystone • Craig McGeady • Denise J O’Hagan • Donna Faulkner • Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod • Erin Ramsay • Hayden Hyams • Jamie Trower • Jana Grohnert • Lincoln Jaques • Mat Gorrie • Michael Morrissey • Mike Johnson • Rachel J Fenton • Rhiannon Hall • Ria Masae • Richard Bonifant • Siobhan Harvey • Srishti Moudgil • Ted Greensmith-West • Trevor M Landers • Trish Veltman • Yael Klangvisan


Tarot is edited by Auckland-based English teacher and poet Kit Willett. It is a free-to-access digital poetry journal for Aotearoa.

We welcome a wide range of poetry, but especially enjoy fresh, bold poetry that can provide a social commentary on life in New Zealand, or life in general. For this reason, we prefer poets with connections to Aotearoa.

Additionally, Tarot commits to publishing a range of voices, with particular focus on minority, fringe, or oppressed people groups. If you feel like your gender or sexuality is underrepresented in Tarot, please reach out to the editor for a kōrero.

We chose ‘Tarot’ as our name because the art of reading tarot is one of interpretation — we believe poetry is the same. For more on the name, read Kit’s editorial in Tarot #1

Tarot receives no funding and remains online due to the generosity of our readers. Consider leaving a koha below:


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Submission Guidelines

We run two issues annually on the first of June and December, and submissions close for each issue two months prior to publication (1 April and 1 October) or when the issue is complete, whichever is first; however, we will always accept submissions for later issues.

Please submit up to five previously unpublished poems* and a 30-50 word third-person bio in a single .docx file to Your document should be typed in a standard (e.g. Arial, Times) 11-pt, 1.5-spaced font.

To get a sense of what we tend to publish, we recommend you read some previous editions; you may also read some of our regular contributors: Hebe KearneyRuben Mita, Joanne Tasker, Robyn Restieaux, and Trish Veltman.

PDFs are welcome if you cannot convert your file to .docx

Submission documents must include your name on each page and be saved with your surname in the document title to be considered.

Cover art submissions are also warmly welcomed.

Do not include submissions of previously published or simultaneously submitted poetry.

Please credit Tarot if your work first appeared on our site.

*poems may be on any theme, and in any style and length. “Previously published” poetry includes any poems available on publicly-accessible social media accounts or blogs. Please disclose your sources if your poetry includes found material, including AI-generated text.