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Your friendship is having a rare incurable genetic disease
diminished and spent, a horde of self-congratulatory millennial hipster doctors burst into your hospital room
flecks of organic feta speckling their luxuriant beards
they announce a belated cure that has no time for you

It is finding out you are pregnant after untold cycles of IVF
blessed twins
but you live in emergency housing
your husband’s lover burnt the house down

It is finally finding accommodation
in a flat with a dear old lady
and discovering she is a Covid-denying, common-law sheriff
with her daily Zoom meetings

It is planning a delicious meal
the supermarket awash with grey empty shelves
another unexplained shipping shortage
so you have microwave rice instead

It is a car breaking down on the Desert Road
headlights sparkle and a car pulls over
“my rescuer!” you sigh
but the car just departs, trailing sad face emojis and elderflowers in its wake