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Whare pūrākau tāuhu (the house of serial stories)

your mark remains imprinted
unlike my earthen pigmentation
and the impermanence of clay

this whenua echoes in the sea—sky—light
and kanohi manifest in the kōhatu
~ innumerable totems, of you

are the leftovers on the beach all that awaits me
now that you are gone
between pebble-cast-sand and the tide

wave forms and spume couplets coat my stripped-back limbs
in gleaming quartz-like destruction
~ wrought, like tohorā bones from the deep

in shifting landscapes and underwater spaces
taniwha, fresh and salted, flex disembodied muscles
and I am wai—mate

ancient runes and DNA threads lie cloaked and frayed upon my shoulders
but those tohorā bones will rise again
~ agile, weightless and free