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This Is a COVID-19 Announcement

the days bleed together
into muddled grey skies
and zoom classes you pay
just half your attention
to. you miss your friends and
cherish the loneliness
in equal measure. your
teachers assign work it
takes you hours to do,
not because you can’t do
it, but because you can’t
find the energy to.

at one o’clock you tune
into the one news live
press conference with the
prime minister and the
who has risen to new
heights of nationwide fame.
they announce the cases
and deaths. your town has a
cluster; your friend’s mother
gets a test. you are scared.

the cluster grows. your dad
leaves the house for the store
and you pray to a god
you don’t even believe
in. he is older than
you; he could die from this.
your sister coughs and you
freeze; she could die from this.
it is in your nature
to worry about things
that you can’t control. the
cases rise, and you pray.

the days pass, even though
you don’t feel them. you walk
into your garden and
pace circles around the
clothing line, breathing in
fresh air and thinking of
viruses and hospitals
and ventilators. you
are grateful for the air.

you sit and watch tv.
when the familiar
advertisement comes on,
the cursed jingle and lady’s
light, calm tone, you close your
eyes and think about the
beauty and ugliness
of being trapped at home
in a world made anew.