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The Old Town Hall Café, Urenui

Past the mermaid’s bicycle blue
the foyer
frothing with intrigue
hinting at cornucopias inside
the main parlour
for very high tea
(authentic hand clotted-cream supplied)
a Madhatter’s rendezvous
crocheted blankets on every chair
teacups awaiting parchment to slake
the travelling palate wetted
whistles too
A Cornish pastie!
A Scotched egg!
………..with encrusted pork crackling!
Jacket potato extravaganza
Wunderbar! cries an invisible visitor
Tea, sir? 38 to choose from…..
Scone, sir? 1 of 130
Guinness World Record in the baking
Apricot and cream cheese?
Excellent choice, sir.
The table near talks
of bariatric surgery &
Mt Messenger roadworks
family histories on a plate
& we munch with relish
a church of warm eccentrics
genuflecting towards the scone board
a record nearly clutched by hand
this kaleidoscope room
eyes not knowing
where to look next.