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Small bibasilar atelectasis (Taranaki)

The unmistakable whiff
of state-sponsored asepsis
and a corridor of laboured,
breathy inhalations wheezed
the desaturations of privilege
a sojourn: short-stay surgical
M18 at Waikato Hospital
Short words in each pause,
and I am only listening with
half of my heart, the words
breathed in forming my ribs
bend my spine, let fingers
intertwine, the oxygen spills
from skin to skin and even
my hands are having trouble
breathing you in; giddy with
desire for oxygen and you.
My love is a hospital; a fair
asylum for asthmatic lovers
& dreamers of every hue, a
great leviathan around you,
a skilful uncouth prison of an
embrace coming out at me
without necessity or