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love from the transcendental post office

when we were children, we squeezed into a single bed
my head on the pillow and yours at the other end
you laughed as my ankles tickled your neck,
in those days i didn’t know two girls could be anything
more than horizontal bodies and faces that didn’t touch

i wanted to be someone who fell in love
you wanted to be someone who obeyed god
i tried to send up a prayer,
please dear god, find me someone whose face i can be close to
that same year i chopped my hair to my earlobes

it started to fall out in the months before, i told you
it wasn’t all of the truth
but how do you say help me,
i am afraid because i have butterflies in my ankles
how do you say help me,
i think prayers are getting trapped in the clouds
stuck in a transcendental post office

if we were still children i would have said, ‘i want to play romeo’
and perhaps you would have understood it then
before you loved any god, you loved me
but we are almost two decades old when i say
bleary eyed and staticy on the phone
i am in love with a girl

in this version it is juliet and juliet
it is romeo and romeo,
in this version she chops my hair in the bathroom mirror
shedding me free of it with sewing scissors
i do not have to explain these things anymore

when her forehead touches mine, it is a prayer
please dear god, if love can’t be between two girls
then i don’t know if we’ve got the definition of love right yet
in this version you leave what i have found in the transcendental post office

a letter, unopened
i wrote about juliet and juilet, falling in love
living happily ever after
praying definitions of love might expand

to her and to me, our love is love, which is someone whose
forehead pressed against yours, feels like a prayer