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It’s Like This

I’m getting used
To not saying your name

Like I’m getting used to
This crease between my eyebrows

Like I’m getting used
To polarised politics

Like I’m getting used to
Millennial rhetoric

I’m getting good at
Letting you go

I’m excelling in avoiding
Stores that play Aretha Franklin

I’ve de-cluttered my life
My heart’s been Marie Kondo-ed

I’ve let you go
Like meat, eggs and dairy

Like takeaway coffee cups
And planning overseas trips

They say absence is where
There once was presence

Like the curve in my back
Is empty of your belly

Like the gaps in my playlist
Heavy vacancies which

Won’t. Stop. Beating.

Like leaving the last of your things
At your mum’s back door

I’m getting used to
Not having you

Like I’m getting used to
Tear ducts empty of tears

Like I’m getting used to
Perfection looking uglier

A fresh farm egg
Raw with embryo

I’m getting used to saying
Your name in silent prayers

And all the paths in my minds map leading
Incessantly to you

Like a well-designed
Public transport system

I. Can’t. Get. Off.