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Ngarunui starfish

Sand cut shins/abraded & stung/
nettles in a dry field/air thin/cut glass/left
to its devices, a brittle star/clearly trapped/
tidepools still, afraid/pull,/
of the moon, blood pressure/weighted sea/
series of blankets thrown in winter/
embryonic density/five arms, piliated,/
flying seeds/feeding sensing moving/willfully
painting, dancing, polishing the ocean floor.

&/a dog, freed to romp & lick/bounce
in ecstasy/shaking dry/white drool/owner’s
oblivion, tripping out to
beats/Go-Pro™ optics/“sorry,
Bro”/warm tidepool soak/trampling
rocks, coral, shells/gigantic kaiju unleashed
across black sand./Cyclonic,
touching down, damage/
brittle star’s long
arm, severed/hidden beneath sight/
once again:/reborn.