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when the sun sets at sunrise

If I were Earth
and you were Mountain,
would my love be satisfied
as soft foundation
under the craggy arches
of your stony feet?

If I were Free Spirit
and you were King,
would you hold my love ransom
like crown jewels on a ship
in an attempt to anchor
my travelling thoughts?

If we basked in the sun
setting between our crow’s feet
would our love deteriorate
into tattered bookmarks
slid between pages of history,
repeating predictable comfort?

If I were Necromancer
and you were Priest,
would we love in a way
we’re not supposed to love
but suppose that’s the way love
lives then dies, anyway?

If I hated what you stood for
and you were Poet,
would words from your
burning pencil
thaw my cold doubts
before they stencilled themselves in snow?

If I were Boy
and you were Girl,
why must our love grow adult?
Can’t we daydream forever as children
soaring our wings through mud
and moon walking on raindrops?