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because my mother sang Samoan and English nursery rhymes and lullabies
because vibrant illustrations and dramatic stories in my cousins’ children’s biblical set
because Mrs Plank and her bag of poetry tricks at primary school
because Bess (dear Bess) and her Highway Man
because the pen is gentler than the sword
because the page doesn’t judge, it just waits and listens
because paper absorbs grief and bitterness safely
because art speaks a thousand truths when the artist is cowering
because the interaction of words, imagery and emotions
because compliments and ego
because I miss the laughs and stories of beloved bodies who have returned to spirit
because I’m nostalgic for the celestial womb
because I walk through the valley of the vā
because pain is sometimes necessary
because secrets aren’t meant to be dangerous
because I’m no longer afraid
because they told me not to talk about it
because I stopped giving a fuck what they told me
because I hate you
because I use to hate me
because he said I’m nothing like my father
because sometimes I don’t have the capacity to voice my depression, trauma and anxiety in a coherent sentence
because of the heartfelt stories I receive in return
because I occasionally weep for both the sorrow and grace of humankind
because not enough people were writing about sexual abuse and mental health
because what if that was me?
because that was / is me
because empathy in a world where too many people don’t give a shit
because how do you know they’re not Jesus?
because be like Jesus
because hurt
because healing
because I burn and I rise
because fist pump to the underdogs
because I am breathing and this is living from seed to dust
because my capacity to love overflows my ‘Best Mum in the World’ mug
because I’m not a slut who asked for it after all
because the scared little girl who was hiding in the dark since 1980 has finally stepped into the sunlight
because fly little one, fly.