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the years start coming & they don’t stop coming

some things get funnier the more they happen
            like getting a lynx africa 3-in-1 set for Christmas
it is not the same with years
            each is long & full of gruelling personal growth
like how i thought the year was a palindrome
            until i realised tht i didn’t really know
                        what a palindrome was
but still it had a certain symmetry
like: one cat dies / then the other
i share a vape at a party in the warm country
            / think about grandparents in the cold country
                        waiting for bake off after the pm announcement
still there’s something to be said for the good moments
how i hiked up the hill with tht tinder date
            just in time to look through a telescope
                        & see two planets the closest
                                    they’ve been in the sky for 400 years
the oval smudge of one planet’s
            rings / the glinting moon of the other
how the year started with birds mimicking sirens /
            & now when i sit in the garden listening
                        they’re making bird sounds