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Poems by Les Wicks

The Pilgrim Complains

Les Wicks

Published on
page 61 of Tarot #2
(June 2021)

Rowed my way across a sea of appointments
only to take on water.

I did a search, my favourite tune
is no longer available.

Paid a wiser woman to prescribe for mindfulness
dosage not to be sneezed at
only to find a full mind it’s just nasal congestion.

At the demonstration
streets bubbling with indignation
so right we were puerile
the chant was simple
why did I forget the words?

Climbed a mountain
on TV, just like
I was really there.

Dug down into the garden,
disgruntled tubers reclodded,
gestured look up though the sky was full of worries.

My peace is a work in progress.