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Poems by Jedidiah Vinzon

at home

Jedidiah Vinzon

Published on
page 56 of Tarot #6
(June 2023)

a window is pressed to my eyes
as they box me by the neck
& they cage these bloody lungs
to the walls closing in
soundless & alone
I sit by the grey, the black & the white
where no tears could fall
nor voice to hear
for the walls themselves press upon my lips
feeding upon my sorrow
& screaming at the moments
where I dare shed a tear
& they gag me with their devil hands
crafted solely for their pleasure
& when I scream ‘Silence!’ with hope
for empathy & rest
they crawl their fingers down me
piercing through my skin
& piece by piece I feel myself fading
as snow in a pool of water
adrift into an eternal night
falling deeper into a darker torment
where happiness dies to sadness
where fear molests joy
here in this house of madness
where I press myself closer to the outside
in hopes, with prayer, that I may be free:

I press my eyes to the window.


Jedidiah Vinzon

Published on
page 57 of Tarot #6
(June 2023)

jupiter beside the a.m. moon
hydrangeas by the redding bricks
misty walking
grey cloud spray
star-catching near the windowpane.

teetering closely to breaking apart

Jedidiah Vinzon

Published on
page 58 of Tarot #6
(June 2023)

no form
or rhythm
pushing and pulling
see-saws never see us
level out the depression
we dug a hole we could not leave
so we returned to our old habits

we balanced above thin sheets of ice
eggshell landmines skating away
roasting marshmallows too close
skimming trucks with our heads
we are Icarus
diving deeper