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Poems by Jana Grohnert

Landscape with The Fall of Icarus by William Carlos Williams by Jana Grohnert

Jana Grohnert

Published on
page 56 of Tarot #1
(Dec 2020)

According to Brueghel
                                   the class

when Icarus fell
it was clear
                                   there was a lot more going on

a farmer was ploughing
his field
                                   in obsolete military garb

the whole pageantry
with itself
                                   yes, but –

                                   what about the shepherd
                                   the bollock dagger
                                   and is that

                                   a dead sheep
                                   down there
                                   in the bushes?

                                   who cares about
wing’s wax

                                   there is no grass
                                   where the sheep
                                   are grazing

                                   and the farmer
                                   is a demoted soldier
                                   by the look of things.

                                   there was
                                   another story

this was                      presumption
                                   which led to
Icarus drowning
                                   in the first place