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Poems by Gerard Sarnat

High Fidelity

Gerard Sarnat

Published on
page 19 of Tarot #4
(June 2022)

I’ve been worrying
That current attitude
Of sluffing under my bus

A few forever-close friends
Given new rubric, Sooo little
Time left, No way to be intimate

With those where too much baggage
Accumulated in out-dated relationships
—That you feared becoming like some

Dylanesque ugly primitive Jewish Yahweh
Coming-you-better-run type of angry old man

‘Til a micro-dose psilocybin showed how to love.

The Doors Of Dim Im/Perception

Gerard Sarnat

Published on
page 59 of Tarot #4
(June 2022)

August afternoon down by the barn
With buddies doing what we do

Kids across forest creek make too much
Noise for us, disturb [un]natural mood

But then I start wondering to myself if they
Instead were our favored grandchildren

If you would be so damn annoyed by ruckus
—Before just blasting out Jim Morrison.