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painting has no rules / you gotta go by / like feel
when you’re a painter / or like a sculpturer / person
/ I mean like can a painter / always explain the
depths / of their thing nah yeah / so it must be ok /
to like write poems even / when you can’t explain
what every little thing means like / oh man I can’t

explain / like I heard lorde sees colour in music /
she has that thing like polly / from polly and grant
where your senses like mix / together and you see /
music and hear green lights / well I don’t
like have that but I get how / it’s all feel but
is it weird poems / are like words

but like I can’t / explain the words in words nah
artists are always / like hippie and on the universe
has energies / vibe so like fuck it / and I reckon
lorde would like / my poems she’d be like that’s so /
stripes whatever / plus who wants to hear
a painting / explained boring you can / just see