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Only Georgia could make me fantasise
Swapping out “son”
			for “daughter”
And pretending I had written it first

I like to think 		I could write as prettily
As the girl who sings	Georgia	Georgia	I love….
	Synesthesia 		images of you
But I can’t even say sin uhs thee zhuh right
And I don’t think “prettily” is a word

But you’re not a word 
					…you’re more of a feeling

Because I’ll bitch about university
Say, “I’ll never go back.”
			Only to leave 			and realise
That I miss the pat on the back
		A hand moving in a circular motion
			Telling me
				(Tell me)
					that I’m 

And I’ll carry that fossil fear
	Of flying 

But for you,
	Oh, you…
					I am Icarus reborn 

						For you 

Are the streets of my hometown
That I know so intimately
		but will always avoid walking 

Or the cold morning air
That		beneath my window

(To make me shiver
				To bring me relief
								To cut through the heat in my room)

All of it
All of it
brings me back to you.

There are better ways to say
 			I. adore. you.
But ours isn’t a language one reads
			or should even attempt to write

It is the 8pm dance party
In the middle of Countdown
And the sound of your laughter
As we find our way home