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Something More

Poetry is words and something more
recurring couplets, rhythm and rhyme
poetry is free
verse meaning shaping form
leaves               space
for the exquisite jarring of this jar stuffed
with thought it empties softly
as it rushes full
the music of speech beautiful
or unkind artistry of the literate lobes
of minds my cat stalks the line
of bannisters ten feet high tail
kissing sky poetry in motion
emotion and notion combine
images dull or brilliant of love
shame, glee, disassociation
a curling leaf, brown devours green
the surgeons blade and eye gleam
in synchronicity death sex
feeding meaning identity breathing
poetry is your heart beat steady
under my right ear, sureness
of a warm chest beneath my nebulous
stare – clouds wandering
wonder where does weather begin
where do hills end, do they look back
poetry is the maths of cats
lap plus blanket equals nap
bowl plus cupboard-squeak equals snack
the profane, the profound
play together games absurd
poetry it is words, imagining, form
            and something more.