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Fall Out of Key

Note: for proper formatting of this shape poem, please see the PDF of Tarot #7.

After storms   unlock   gust fronts   mast cells calm
late season trees   litter in   shards   of silver bright
as mirrors   in leafing wake, inside      is always dull
motion					                           aircycles
stales                                                                    mouths
minds						                   will only
refresh                                                                  enlight
in pride	                                                           specific
humility					                         wry, kind
wise eyes					                      wise advice
                              of a child
      go     outside all     you need     stand still
   in gardens out is simplest therapy chill breeze
    stirring noiseless thrill, unterrible side effects
                 neighbour catching sights
         me, my 	    bedhead self 	akimbo	
  pyjama pantomime scandal, socks with sandals
                           glassy 		retinas
                           roll all 		fondstroke
                           stem 		     stamens
                           axils 		tips
                           daunt worthwhile for gulps
                           of fresh, stagnant days
                           green silvered fingers
                           kindly come unpick
                           before what comes next
                           the scrape of keys
                           on knuckles and napes
                           the glint of crystalline
                           breaths only
                           fools hang on
                           even falls let go
                           in the deathless tumble
                           of slow white cold.