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Snapshots of Five Days

            I: Evocations

Hopes merge into dreams that disappear in the distance
and are left behind as time erases blame
with opiate fantasies that forget the absence of ambition
substituting for what may have happened
the fulfilment of an earlier wish that never came to pass
leaving behind dark feelings of emptiness
replaced by addictions that despise both mind and body.

            II: Fables

Images form the blossoms on a rose bush
flaring flames that scar the sky
convolutions waving gayly while disporting
with an artifact in the darkness
of a subterranean park in a forest denuded
left bewildered and debauched
by design in the cesspool of remembrance
as the carousel grimly dictates
and as the colours moodily change to black.

            III: Despair

The grimness of depression envelops the mind
in blankets of darkness
depriving the day of light in conflict with the sun
shining instead of sleet
in a vacuum alone existing as a mindless thing
hoping for sleep to flee
from the hell of consciousness and not awaken.

            IV: Victory

Distant days with echoes of remembrance
secretive sounds of penitence
illegitimate lies and admonitions to the sky
exasperating illogical motives
without meaning and inadmissible in court
as mendacity even happiness
abject misery or tranquillity in the darkness
floating fecklessly in the deep
with a flotilla of fish setting sail for heaven.

            V: Atonement

Regret follows sadness down the trail of unhappiness
chastised by clouds of squalling rain
blaming and yet resenting the misery
while wallowing sorrowfully in self-conscious empathy
until gloom slowly begins to improve
the skies clear and the sun appears
to welcome the joy that scatters the shrouds of shame.