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The Anthropologist Evaluates Her Colleague’s Social Merit

You smile, if a little thinly,
then hum, a positive havering

meant to defer the imminence of leaving.
This tactic draws out the pause

he’ll soon breathe in, your offering
to that grinning friend you think of as your supplement.

Endearments are accretions from lazy idioms.
The gas of thoughts issues. You love that fizzing.

There’s a hint attached to the stemming
of some undelivered verbs,

a frisson at the halt of air taken in.
An idea can be kept

in the sanctum of inhalation.
The act of not having said it

might amount to hesitance which appears kind.
The cotillion falls still now for an instant.

There’s time enough to move quietly to your rest
and then, if you fancy, at your leisure dismiss him.