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A lot of pictures of Drew Barrymore

When we first got the internet at home,
I printed out a lot and I mean A LOT
of pictures of Drew Barrymore and
blu-tacked them around my room,
which I didn’t have to share with either
of my sisters.

Think about how long it would have taken
to download twenty pictures of
Drew Barrymore on 2001 dial-up, and then
how much ink it would have taken to
print them all out on our very first colour printer
which my dad probably still has in the garage
if he hasn’t taken it to the e-waste collection.
I made sure not to pick them up too quickly
so the ink didn’t smudge.

Our over-the-road neighbour,
a woman my grandmother’s age who always
signed her name inside quote marks
as if she didn’t really exist,
sold me and my sisters the tape of Never Been Kissed
at her garage sale and we watched it on repeat
because it was our first teen movie.

I liked the way Drew Barrymore looked with her
short blond hair so I Asked Jeeves for pictures of
Drew Barrymore.

I would look at the pictures of Drew Barrymore
before I went to sleep. “I’m such a big fan of
Drew Barrymore,” I would think
as I closed my eyes.