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Song for Kate Bush (Song for Giacomo)

Star: I saw you
In the cool dark of kind December
I hid tears in night’s gift and lived again

You would remember me
Hallowed in Northcote by the Georgian hymn
In the two-dollar store’s neon aisles


You—are the rush of thunder and the tempest
And your morning fog wakes the borrowed day with dew
You are the cèilidh of our city’s broken rain

You are the glitter around Tara’s harbour
Eyes soft in the sea-swell, refusing to die
—Sono un uomo, so they might take me for a buoy

You are the light on the ridgeline, the call between father and son
He sits in the foyer and I can hear him speaking
—Non mollare, hai degli amici

You are the fall of water to fern and the hand that holds me
Pulling me down from the hill to Kelburn ground
They are all around me: I love and find life in their bright and past-looking eyes