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Literally to my face

(a found poem taken from things said by people who care about my well being)

just how much do you weigh?
i know you said you want to gain strength but
you actually want to lose weight

i saw you eating cake and i was like
oh, honey no!
you have to stick to fruit and
i know you said you’re not interested but
i’ll send you the diet info anyway because
you aren’t allowed to get enjoyment out of eating
you’d be a better person of you ate more plain foods

i can say this to you because i love you
you aren’t strong enough and
it hurts me that you don’t think about how it makes
me feel
when you eat
isn’t that enough motivation for you?

i realised we were almost the same size and i was like
oh my god this,
this is my wakeup call!
but you’re not that fat
i’ll stop you before you get that big
i’ll make you thin whether you like it or not
because it’s less about you and more about the
people who have to look at you

now, don’t go acting upset
it’s fine for you to look like that
i’m just saying that
would have to kill myself

i don’t believe you
i’ve never seen anyone say
anything mean to you or any other
fat person
you’re just making it up because
you’ve got low self-esteem