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Angel No. 1111

It is summary time
we are summoned to show
what we gained, what we learned
what we chose to embrace
what we want to divorce

It is summary time
last grain in the hourglass
elapsed our moment
to observe, to reflect
to decipher our core

It is summary time
no adjournment is granted
we are called to the dock
to prove we have bettered
to prove we’ve improved

It is summary time
we can storm out of gates
to dance and rejoice
or drool with canine teeth
Damnatio ad bestias*

It is summary time
and the birds and the bees
and the grass and the trees
and the lands and the seas
are listening

Notes: Latin: “condemnation to beasts” as was practised in Rome’s Colosseum

Angel Number 1111 is a powerful symbol of the truth and purity. Seeing this number is a clear message from the Universe that it is time to find your own truth and align it with your life, your thoughts and your actions.

An image to accompany this poem can be found on the cover of Tarot #3