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It began well. Loneliness took a back seat
In my new surrounds, my hastily appointed,
Pandemic-induced home-office where,
Bubbled away from the push and shove
Of city streets, the boredom of the boardroom,
My natural shyness ventured out, asserted itself;
Found solitude to its liking, demanded more.
In my new continuum, with the keyboard
My slim black portal to the outside world,
I cranked up the pace, accomplished what I had
To do in record time and, like a latent adolescent
Dizzied by the siren call of cyberspace, wallowed in
A myriad sites and groups, buffered by geography
And the knowledge I would likely never meet
The people behind the posts. There’s relief in that.

Most of the time, I hold my duplicity at bay,
Quell the flaring of frustration that there’s nothing
Between like and love, no way to say unsure,
Or give doubt due consideration. Yet in all this
I am complicit, and push away a foggy awareness
That a certain levelling out is taking place, that
I’m choking in the silken clutch of supposed
Communication. My coffee grows cold; so too
The irony that I’ve never had so many friends,
Yet have seen my neighbour only once.