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Should have, could have

When your home is empty, and the ones you loved have gone.
All you have left are memories of the family you were never near.
Will you blame yourself for all the hurt you caused?
Of all the “could have’s, should have’s” that you missed:

You should have been a nicer person.
You could have shown her more love.
You should have listened to her more.
You could have heard what she had to say.
You should have paid more attention to her needs.
You could have helped around the house more.
You should have told her how nice she looks.
You could have said how pretty she is.
You should have spent more time with your son.
You could have taught him right from wrong.
You should have stayed at home more weekends.
You could have missed a few games.
You should have said no more drinks for me.
You could have gone home sober.

Or, will you blame her for not letting you have your fun,
When you really know it’s all your own fault.