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Precious Love

Strong winds rip across open water, large waves crash upon the shore.
Sombre clouds fill the sky, heavy with the stormy rain to come.
Close by my window, watching the gathering storm,
echoing the downcast feelings running through my mind.
Harsh thoughts rush about my mind, though no bad deeds have I done.
Ask my love to hold me tight to drive these fears away.
My love did gently take my hand, clasped her arms around me close,
and eased my aching mind.

My love, she is the rock on which my very being stands.
She is the foundation on which to build my hopes.
My love for her knows no bounds, she owns my very soul.
Together down this path of life, both hand in hand we walk.
The future we cannot know, but together, to the end, we will go.
My most precious love and me.